Technology Advantage

Kemberton’s Technology Advantage

Kemberton leverages state-of-art technology to efficiently and securely deliver our complex coverage advocacy services. Our Advocate 20/20TM technology platform is a workflow management system that enables Kemberton to maximize advocate productivity, identify and secure coverage for patients and deliver exceptional results for our healthcare provider clients.

Healthcare Claims Processing Workflow Optimization

Claims processing workflow automation and optimization ensure the most appropriate resources are applied at each step, eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks and ensuring compliance with deadlines, requirements and best practices.

Automated Claims Processing

Taking full advantage of electronic processes in the claims workflow, including direct feeds of 837 files from our providers and clearinghouse partners and e-filing of claims and documents allows us to get claims in as early as possible and submitted to payers immediately for maximum returns and fast results.

Knowledge Base and Rules Engine

Knowledge base and rules engine codify institutional knowledge into our healthcare claims processing workflow, so every time we identify a new rule, requirement or best practice for any client, it automatically becomes part of our claims workflow. 


Transparency into revenue flow and KPIs set Kemberton apart, with robust client dashboards that ensure progress against goals, predictability of revenue and full alignment between our clients and the Kemberton team.

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