Personalized Advocacy for Complex Coverage

At Kemberton, our mission is to help providers get paid in cases where medical coverage is complex, all while advocating for patients and minimizing their out-of-pocket costs. Our specialized experts help healthcare providers and patients navigate through the labyrinth of payers and benefits to resolve complex medical coverage challenges in the most compassionate way possible. Since every situation is different, Kemberton provides personalized advocacy that results in happier patients and better financial outcomes for everyone.

The Kemberton C.A.R.E. Pledge

Compassion. Advocacy. Results. Experience. We are Kemberton and we CARE. We pledge to always treat patients with the highest level of compassion, respect and integrity. Our advocacy will leave no stone unturned to help patients find resources and a path to payment that reduces their financial burden. We will relentlessly pursue results for both patients and providers, transforming the financial experience and delivering outcomes where everyone wins.

Results that make a difference



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What we do

Specialized revenue cycle management services

Complex Denials

Kemberton specializes in complex claims denials, turning non-collectible dollars into cash.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Kemberton navigates complex and time-consuming MVA claims to maximize cash flow.

Disability Eligibility Services

Kemberton helps your most vulnerable patients receive the benefits they deserve.

Veterans Administration Claims

Kemberton has a proven track record of preventing write-offs and increasing cash flow.

Enrollment Services

Kemberton has the experience to secure the right coverage for each unique patient need.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Kemberton has the knowledge and best practices to avoid delays and secure reimbursement.

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