Our Approach

The Kemberton Way

Kemberton has both the specialized complex coverage expertise and the compassion to address the financial challenges providers face in today’s healthcare environment. Our broad approach to identify social, economic, and environmental factors that influence health coverage options for patients ensures that coverage extends beyond traditional health coverage. We are driven by an unwavering mission of going above and beyond to help patients secure the available healthcare coverage they need while delivering the financial reimbursements providers deserve for the compassionate care they provided.

Complex Coverage. Personalized Advocacy.

Results Through Personalized Advocacy

At Kemberton, we have always believed that genuine caring and trusted relationships are key to delivering superior results. We recognize that behind every patient account is a person who needs assistance during what is often a time of great vulnerability. Our people are passionate about making a difference—for patients and for our healthcare customers. We build deep relationships that go beyond conventional administrative performance – and our follow-through commitment goes beyond traditional hospital walls and into the community. Kemberton’s highly trained advocates truly connect with patients, which translates into timely, accurate, and efficient processing of coverage, and, in turn, faster approvals and payments.

Our Five Keys to Success

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