People Advantage

Solving the Human Resources Challenge

The specialized complex coverage revenue cycle management challenge for a provider organization is ultimately a human resource challenge. The claims flow is inconsistent, but requires a combination of specific legal knowledge, experience working with specific insurers, and continuous attention to requirements, deadlines, and follow-ups. Provider organizations face a constant battle to find and keep the right staff and to use them efficiently given the inconsistent and unpredictable flow. This is why our clients consider Kemberton’s complex coverage revenue cycle specialists invaluable.

The Economies of Scale Advantage

Because Kemberton is solely focused on revenue recovery and specialized complex coverage revenue cycle management, we are able to optimize staffing for a consistently large and predictable flow of claims across our client base. Kemberton has the economies of scale to build and train teams with the best mix of skill sets. We leverage our deep knowledge base within our claims workflow automation tools that is based on years of experience and success. The result for our clients is consistent access to the critical skills, varied knowledge and latest best practices required for achieving the best results every time.

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