About Kemberton

Exclusively Specialized in Complex Coverage

For more than 25 years, Kemberton has been a proven leader in specialized revenue cycle management services, using our experience and proprietary technology to tackle hospitals’ most complex coverage scenarios. We free busy revenue cycle departments to focus on traditional claims, while our specialized and experienced team manages the intricacies of labor-intensive claims that are often written off as too complicated, expensive or time-consuming to pursue. Our team consists of dedicated patient advocates, clinical nurses, paralegals and attorneys who focus exclusively on complex coverage reimbursement.

Our Services

Complex Denials

Kemberton specializes in complex claims denials, turning non-collectible dollars into cash.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Kemberton navigates complex and time-consuming MVA claims to maximize cash flow.

Disability Eligibility Services

Kemberton helps your most vulnerable patients receive the benefits they deserve.

Veterans Administration Claims

Kemberton has a proven track record of preventing write-offs and increasing cash flow.

Enrollment Services

Kemberton has the experience to secure the right coverage for each unique patient need.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Kemberton has the knowledge and best practices to avoid delays and secure reimbursement.

Complex coverage claims can result in MILLIONS of incremental dollars added to the bottom line of hospitals if pursued appropriately.

Personalized Patient Advocacy

Kemberton dramatically improves complex claims reimbursement and patient satisfaction through personalized patient advocacy. We provide one-on-one assistance to patients who are feeling confused by complex coverage situations or overwhelmed due to lack of financial resources to pay their medical bills. Our advocates help patients navigate the maze of payers, benefits and resources available to them, leaving no stone unturned to resolve complex medical coverage challenges. Since every situation is different, we work with each individual patient to help find ways to relieve their financial burden and out-of-pocket expenses – all while providing the resolution of claims our healthcare provider clients deserve.

Technology-Enabled Results

Kemberton combines specifically trained claim resolution advocates and legal teams with our proprietary Advocate 20/20™ claims workflow automation technology to streamline reimbursement activities and give our clients full transparency into the claim resolution process. Healthcare providers can see what is happening with each patient account in real-time using intuitive dashboards that make tracking and predicting specialized revenue flow as easy as a few mouse-clicks. By partnering with Kemberton to manage the challenges of complex claim revenue management, our health system clients have experienced increased claim resolution rates, higher levels of patient satisfaction and have enhanced their reputations in their communities.

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