The Kemberton Advantage

Specialized in Complex Coverage RCM

Unlike generalist revenue cycle outsource partners, Kemberton specializes exclusively in complex coverage revenue management – the part of the revenue cycle that often is written off as too complicated, expensive or time-consuming to pursue with in-house resources. We enable health providers to focus on the traditional revenue cycle, while our team of experienced patient advocates, clinical nurses, paralegals and attorneys focus on securing complex coverage reimbursement that can secure MILLIONS of dollars for the compassionate care they provided.

The Power of Personalized Advocacy

Kemberton’s professional patient advocates work as an extension of our provider clients’ teams. They help patients navigate through complex coverage scenarios and find solutions that help reduce their out-of pocket costs and result in fair and needed reimbursement for providers. This one on-one, personalized advocacy is a valued service for patients that improves patient satisfaction, increases revenue and enhances the provider’s reputation in the community.

An Enterprise-Class Partner You Can Trust

Kemberton is a true enterprise-class revenue recovery partner for the modern health system or provider. From our KPI dashboards to our contracting, security, compliance, training, technology, continuous improvement and claims automation processes, Kemberton stands out with the quality, professionalism and transparent results that leading provider organizations demand and deserve. Our Technology, Processes and People transform complex coverage revenue management and improve the patient financial experience for healthcare providers across the country.

Why Kemberton?

Superior Technology

Our Advocate 20/20™ software supports efficient workflow – and provides dashboards for our clients that empower real-time transparency.

Trained & Experienced Staff

Kemberton’s team consists of highly experienced advocates, clinical nurses, paralegals and lawyers who know how to navigate the complete range of coverage options for patients.

Proven, Reliable Process

Leveraging our advanced workflow automation technology and proven processes, we can route each step of each process to exactly the right resource at exactly the right time to accelerate reimbursement.


Kemberton has delivered increased revenue, higher levels of patient satisfaction and preserved reputations for providers across the country.

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