We have mapped out hundreds of variations of our core workflows to handle every flavor of workers’ compensation, motor vehicle, third party liability, and other complex revenue recovery processes by jurisdiction. Leveraging our advanced workflow automation technology, we can route each step of each process to exactly the right resource at exactly the right time. Using our rules-engine technology, internal analytics and continuous improvement methodologies, we are constantly updating our revenue recovery and claims management process for even better performance.

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The result of our unique claims management process is hyper-efficiency and productivity that is constantly improving. Our model is so effective we can go 100% at-risk for our results, and we bring in more revenue, from more sources, faster and at a lower cost than traditional in-house and outsourced revenue cycle management operations. We have already recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue for our clients, and that is just the beginning.

The Kemberton difference

Changing the way lost revenue is found

Kemberton sat down with Healthcare Finance News and discussed how the Kemberton difference is helping hospitals collect on previously uncollectible claims, generating millions of dollars that would otherwise be lost.

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4 ways hospitals can lower claim denial rates

Kemberton’s President, Brandon Rife, discusses how hospitals can lower claim denial rates. Read these 4 tips to learn how you too can improve revenue cycle performance by lowering claim denial rates.

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A fresh approach to collecting "Uncollectible" claims

Learn how Kemberton is giving hospitals a fresh approach in retrieving uncollectible claims. Kemberton’s CEO, George Abatjoglou, explains to Hospital Access Management how getting the right people involved can secure the payment.  Most hospitals do have the right resources, but different departments are not acting in unison. A single, unified team acting under the same set of goals makes the difference, increasing the chance of a successful appeal.

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