Bureaucracy, time-consuming manual processes, and miles of red tape – that’s why our clients tell us they often write off unpaid VA claims. For most hospitals, the small volume of those claims plus the large headaches and resource drain they present make it seem fruitless to collect this revenue. Time and resources are simply better spent elsewhere.


    • On-staff, experienced VA collections specialists

    • Veteran patient advocacy

    • Proprietary claims processing software

    • Precise adherence to the VA's complex filing requirements


Our Veteran Administration Collections Process

    1. Identify the appropriate party to bill, based on the coverage presented and the episode of care 
    2. Coordinate timely pre- and post-authorization and claim submission
    3. Follow up diligently on denials and requests for documentation
    4. Integrate our processes with admissions and billing workflows to alleviate staff burdens and provide transparency
    5. Track performance through comprehensive reporting

Our method has a proven track record of preventing write-offs, increasing cash flow, and improving our clients’ bottom line.  Let us put it to work for you!

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